The Benefits of Cyclocross

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Cyclocross, also known as cyclo-x, 'cross, and CX is a bicycle racing sport with a twist. Unlike an ordinary bicycle race, it also features steeplechase-style running. Similar sports include cross-country mountain biking, downhill mountain biking, and snow biking.

The sport is held during the fall and winter (early) seasons. And there are many reasons to try it.

Notably, cyclocross provides mental flexibility by allowing a person to go beyond the limits of a typical bike race. As a full-body workout tool, it strengthens a person's core and upper body and improves balance and motor skills.

Cyclocross - See How the Pros Do It

27 Nov 2021

The Zonhoven sandpit in Belgium has earned a reputation as one of the most demanding cyclocross courses on the planet. But toughness aside it also perfectly illustrates the many benefits that can be gained from this lung-busting sport, from increasing your cycling safety to upping your VO2 max power.

What is Cyclocross and How to Do It?

14 Oct 2021

Cyclocross is just like riding a bike. Well, kind of, but not precisely at the same time. Cyclocross is indeed a form of cycling but done on gravel roads. It is a lot of fun, but you might want to take some time to learn it.

Cyclocross vs. Gravel Bikes: Differences and Similarities

2 Sep 2021

There are several crucial differences between cyclocross bikes and their gravel-oriented equivalents. For one, cyclocross bikes are designed to tackle cyclocross racecourses, while gravel bikes are intended for all-day riding over mixed terrain. Therefore, cyclocross bikes typically have higher bottom brackets, much shorter chainstays, and significantly lower stack heights.